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Roma Women's Gala "Look at me as I am!" awarded women as representatives of Roma community on the International Women's Day

The activity of Roma women in Romania who contributed to improving the life of Roma communities was awarded at the first edition of Roma Women’s Gala "Look at me as I am!", organized by the Community Development Agency "Together", Center for Education and Social Development and Association of Social Inclusion and Development with the occasion of the International Women's Day in Bucharest.

Held under the slogan "Look at me as I am!" and with the idea of promoting Roma women less visible in the Romanian society, the event which brought together representatives of Roma communities from local and national level aimed to promote Roma women models from communities who contributed to improving the lives of Roma through their work in various fields.

Thus, were awarded for the following sections: Scripcariu Petronia (Education - school inspector), Rodica Batrana (Education - Romani language teacher), Alecu Florica (Education - Education / teacher), Elena Radu (Education - school mediator), Daniela Vaduva (Health - Medical Assistant), Ioana Constantin (Health – health mediator), Florentina Izbiceanu (Social Economic - Employment), Maria Ionescu (Economic Social - Entrepreneurship), Maria Ionescu (Community Development), Iudit Varga (Legal - Policewoman), Miron Luiza (Legal-lawyer ) Loredana Dumitru (Mass-media- TVR journalist), Viorica Gotu (Political participation-Counselor), ANA Raducanu (public participation), Vera Linguraru (Culture-actress).

A special award has been offered by the organizers to Ms. VASILE PAULINA, a Holocaust Roma woman’ survivor.

Roma women in this award-winning Gala were gratified for their efforts and constant commitment to improve the life and image of the Roma community in the Romanian society.

Gala” Look at me as I am!” wanted to gratify the work of Roma women less visible whom you can not see most of the times, but who do contribute to the local level. March 8 is a moment of recognition of their courage and devotion. They are Roma women with great achievements, mothers, daughters, wives. They are models for younger generations and society and we want to look at them as they are, "said the project coordinator Together Agency, Carmen Gheorghe.

By bringing together over 180 participants, Roma Women’s Gala "Look at me as I am!" joins a series of events through which organizers intends to promote the interests of women in general and especially of Roma women. The organizers aim to develop programs addressing the needs and socio-cultural events for increasing the visibility of Roma women at national level.

Also, at the Roma Women’s Gala "Look at me as I am!" organized a fundraising campaign for a single mother raising 4 children in Piteasca village, commune G─âneasa.

Opened with the Roma anthem, in the interpretation of soprano Claudiana Calin Rotaru, Roma Women’s Gala was filled with musical moments of success, which had high public standing. The atmosphere was relaxed by the band Butiq Romano, as well as Roma singer Stefania Calofir and pianist Antonio Santos, who joined pro-bono for the event.

Roma Women’s Gala was organized with the financial support from Department for Interethnic Relations of the Romanian Government and with the support of sponsors such as Niro Group, AIDRom, KCMC- K Consulting Management and Coordination SRL.

Roma Women's Gala "Look at me as I am!" is designed to become a yearly tradition for celebrating and awarding the Roma women in Romania .

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