Tuesday, February 15, 2011


 The following is a message from BERNARD SULLIVAN and PAUL POLANSKY, both tireless workers for the Romani of Kosovo

"I am writing to you because you entered your details on the Toxic Waste Kills website to express your support for the lead-poisoned children of Kosovo.

This is to let you know that our petition to President Obama calling for evacuation to the US base at Camp Bondsteel in Kosovo was sent to the White House at the end of last week.

It is also to alert you to the fact that although some families have now been resettled in their old neighbourhood at Roma mahalla, none of the children have so far been treated for lead poisoning, in spite of the World Health Organisation's statement that this was "Europe's Greatest Medical Emergency for Children Today" necessitating an immediate evacuation and proper medical treatment. A WHO representative informed us last night that their role is purely advisory and that they are not even keeping data on childrens' blood lead level results or their medical treatment, so we are doing our best to continue an independent monitoring programme. This involves visits to Mahalla by our local Kosovo and Serbia based reporters and interpreters who discuss the treatment with families, doctors and the implementing partners charged with saving the children. Our reports so far have made disturbing reading.

We now need your help in keeping this process going so please let us know if you can help with a donation within your means. You may do this via our website enquiry submission form at

Bernard Sullivan
Kosovo Medical Emergency Group

Paul Polansky
Kosovo Roma Refugee Foundation

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