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Cher Lloyd receives Big Fat Gypsy abuse on Twitter

February 9, 2011

By Beehive Staff
Cher Lloyd stands up to Twitter bullies...

Things turned ugly on X Factor finalist Cher Lloyd’s Twitter feed last night as users peppered her account with a barrage of abusive messages. The insults focused on Cher’s traveller background and were seemingly sparked by last night’s episode of Channel 4’s My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding.

The 17-year-old singer, currently dividing her time between the studio and rehearsing for The X Factor tour, has previously revealed her traveller roots. She has admitted that her mother’s family are Romany gypsies and that she spent the first few months of her life living in a caravan.

The 140-character attacks came after the latest show in Channel 4’s popular documentary series was aired, with viewers rounding on the most famous ‘gypsy’ they could find.

One tweet read “Ho i swear I just seen half ur fam on channel 4″, while another postulated “Gypsy life expectancy is 50. That means we probably have another 33 years of Cher Lloyd.”

One enquired: “Shouldn’t you be preparing for your big fat gypsy wedding?”

Cher dealt with the insults admirably, offering a “sticks and stones” mentality before tweeting “might shave all my hair off and get a tattoo on my head. goodnight world.”

The young singer showed the maturity to face down the insults while standing up for her ancestry with her final tweet. She wrote: “keep chuckin those gypsy comments in, i’ll tarmac ya drive and trim ya hedges for ya if ya like? No shame in me :L”

The star has recently been the subject of much speculation as reports suggesting collaborations with Rihanna, and producer RedOne have surfaced.

It’s good to see the youngster can deal with the downsides of celebrity as well as the good…


Anonymous said...

Dude she's such a cutie. I hope only the best for her.
and booyah! for there finally being some up-and-coming Rromani celebrities, yeah?

Morgan said...

Ah Rae, I think I love you.

I'm rooting for her too.

I so appreciate your comments.


Anonymous said...

I'll bet she smells like a dog

Morgan said...

What an intelligent, thoughtful comment.
I wouldn't sign my name either.

Anonymous said...

The Piker Whore, I bet you smell as bad as she does! White Power!

Morgan said...

Somehow I suspect that anonymous has a private bone to pick. But be that as it may, this is the last of your vitriole which I shall publish.
If you have the courage of your insipid opinions then sign your name.