Tuesday, November 30, 2010


On 29 November 1864, over 150 Cherokee were murdered by the United States Cavalry.
The cavalry under the direction  of US Army Colonel John Chivington, incidentally a Methodist preacher, was ordered to attack a camp of peaceful Cherokee (mostly women, children and old men) who had an American flag flying and had hung a white sign of peace and surrender before the attack.

The 800 men slaughtered the Cherokee in what seemed to be a frenzy, raping, scalping and dismembering their victims.

The movie Soldier Blue, made in 1970 and starring Candace Bergman and Peter Strauss was based on the Sand Creek massacre.  Of course the protagonists in the movie are the benevolent white folk, but at least the story was told.


Casimire said...

Do you know that the Supreme Court granted them rights to keep their land? But Andrew Jackson went ahead and pulled all his garbage anyway.

Morgan said...

Yes I did know that. Our entire history is based on lies and broken agreements.
Mexican people have more legitimacy here than "white man". Yet who is called illegal.

Casimire said...

What made it even worse (if possible) was that they were one of the more "assimiliated" tribes inot white culture.