Saturday, November 20, 2010


 This is an excellent video produced by Al Jazeera

The right to Roma

The Rageh Omaar Report

20/11/2010 - Unwanted, marginalised, defiant - the Roma people have become the target of governments across Europe.

In France and Italy they have been thrown out in their thousands - accused of illegally overstaying their welcome and blamed for increases in crime.

They say that in their countries of origin they are victims of discrimination - a minority with few opportunities.

They are now taking advantage of European Union laws that allow freedom of travel to all European citizens - looking West to find a better life, yet reluctant to adapt to Western ways.

The Roma issue has now been forced on EU policy makers - they have to find a balance between the growing hostility and the rights of the Roma.

This episode of The Rageh Omaar Report aired from Wednesday, November 16, 2010.

Video 46 minites.


Casimire said...

Interesting that you can get more informative news coverage from Al Jazerra then our own media. All our news seems to want to accomplish is sales of Prozac. Thanks for the post

Morgan said...

I know Casimire. The news in the States gets more ludicrous every day.