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Sunday 07th of November 2010

Cher Lloyd was bullied over gypsy roots

Posted on: November 6th, 2010 by Robert Bergerson

The family of X Factor star Cher Lloyd revealed this week that the young star was bulled in her youth due to her gypsy heritage.

The news came from the 17 year-old’s uncle Jessy, who expressed pride in is niece for her accomplishments despite having come from hardships in her youth.

Lloyd grew up as a gypsy child. Her parents lived on the road, moving into a second-hand caravan when she was just four years old.

The caravan was towed behind an old Ford pickup truck between lay-bys in Wales as Cher grew up. Her mother sold scrap metal and father Darren worked in gardening.

Later, the family finally settled into an immobile home with her grandmother and finally moved into their own flat in Malvern.

However even though Cher’s life on the road seemed to be over, the family was still visited often by Romany family and friends, which led to bullying in school.

Her family says classmates referred to her as a “pikey” and a “gypo” whilst Cher’s parents said that they were constantly worried about having a stone thrown through the window by unwelcoming neighbours.

The Lloyd family reiterated that they’re rooting for young Cher. Her uncle Jesse said that she’d likely buy her mum and dad a new home in the even that she wins.

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