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Production – France
Gatlif’s Liberté (Freedom):

"An historic episode that has resonances in the current European political context, that of the destiny of a gypsy family in the German-occupied France of 1943.

The film stars French actor Marc Lavoine (Frenchmen), Canadian actress Marie-Josée Croze (Tell No One) and Swiss actor James Thiérrée (The Vanishing Point).

Based on real-life characters, Liberté will follow the journey of a family led by its head of clan (a woman) and its "hero", Taloche (Thiérrée), a whimsical childlike bohemian. They will be helped by the Righteous, Théodore, the town mayor (Lavoine) and Ms Lundi, teacher and mayor employee (Croze).
Written by the director, the story deals with the tragic destiny of gypsies in France. But it is also a story of love and friendship between two Righteous who try to protect, right to the bitter end, an abandoned child and a Roma family.

Gatlif accompanied the announcement of the project with a declaration highlighting his intentions: "I wanted to give them another image other than that forged by fear and hate, which led directly to gas chambers for gypsies and bohemians, a free and nomad people".

Produced by Princes Productions, the filmmaker’s company.
Written by
Fabien Lemercier for

LIBERTE premiered in France last week.
Tony Gatlif is the director of many wonderful films including

I plan to review all these films. Morgan

"Korkoro"/"Liberte" played at the Montreal World Film Festival this weekend where it won the audience prize and the Grand Prix des America, the festival's top jury prize.
Yeah Tony Gatlif.

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anne korsli said...

A breathtaking film that shows the situation of the rom during the war. Its language was rrom, with french subtitles, and that is important, and for the first time a film showing camps of roms during the nazi regime . Its poetic narrative drive, and the gipsy representing nature, the sane and the beeing in harmony with mother earth, the persons that we hope to have in the future so that we do not misuse the earth. Also nice for a norwegian to see the actresse Raja Bielenberg, living in Norway. A splendid evening in the bio in Paris some days ago, I ADMIRE THE MAKER of this film, aussi les cotes surrealistet de la desespoir