Saturday, September 12, 2009



Pan-Hellenic Union of Greek Roma (PUOGR)

We would like to inform you that PUOGR is completing the construction of a place in Athens of 8 337 square metres dedicated for a commercial center with 82 small shops belonging to local ethnic Romani owners. At this Romani Mall we would like to have employees from other European countries, Roma and non-Roma, who reside in Greece for, at least, 5 years.

The funding for this project had been provided by the organization EOMMEX that gives to each Roma businessman 55% from European funds and 45 % as a loan to support his/her new work. PUOGR also provides the funding, human resources and logistics for the project. This project also includes the scheme on construction of a village with 369 homes for the people working at the Romani mall. This part of a project is also going to be supported by PUOGR.

Please help us in any way you can to build a new road for Roma!

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