Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Army Archerd, long time entertainment columnest, died yesterday.

It was widely acknowledged and respected that Archerd's columns were gentlemanly and respectful. He tried not to exploit his subjects.

I respected him for the position he took in 1999, speaking against the honorary Oscar to be awarded to Elia Kazan, and for the postition he took during the red baiting era of the 1950's.

The following is a quote from

"Although much of Archerd's work was nonconfrontational, when film director Elia Kazan was to be given a honorary Oscar in 1999 for his work, Archerd wrote, "I, for one, will not be giving him a standing ovation."

Kazan had provided testimony in 1952 to the House Un-American Activities Committee, admitted past membership in the Communist party and named others from his group.

"Army's finest hour was his courageous stand against the blacklist at a time when almost all other Hollywood columnists were red-hunting," said Peter Bart, vice president and editorial director of Variety. "He really was a passionate reporter and a champion of causes he believed in."

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