Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Well what do you think of this. Things aren't bad enough for Gypsies worldwide, here are people who make their money portraying us as "nomadic kleptomaniacs".
And check out how much this costs.

We're organizing a letter writing campaign in protest.
Here's their address.

Teatro ZinZanni
222 Mercer Street

"Chaos ensues when a caravan of gypsies crash the party in Teatro ZinZanni's newest production. Club ZinZanni's owner Ricky (Canada's Joe DePaul) is lovesick, and so leaves his maitre d' Victor (France's Charly Castor) to straighten out the mess that naturally arises when nomadic kleptomaniacs are running loose on your property and having torrid affairs with your co-workers. Things get more complicated when Victor's former flame Zara the gypsy queen (Seattle's Duffy Bishop) shows up. Hands down, Bishop is the best part of the show, her husky voice and explosive delivery reminiscent of the late Janis Joplin. Not once during the three-hour show did the gypsy queencumrock star lose her fiery spark."

Interestingly, the article I published just prior to this one is about a business in Tennessee that's having a clothing drive to help Gypsy children in Bulgaria.
Wonder how much Teatro ZinZanni is chipping in.


Lynn said...

Duffy is a friend....

Morgan said...

Well, I don't know Duffy except through her music, but I sure do like that. Her voice is wonderful.

But....that doesn't change the fact that the show she's appearing in is racist and relies on hurtful stereotypes to get a laugh. The Roma who are dying all over the world are not laughing.