Monday, March 23, 2009


In 1939, one million of refugee cross the french border from Spain, to escape after 3 years of civil war, the Fascist push of the General Franco.

Within these Spaniards anti-fascists many Romani families (Gitanos), landed in French territory to find themselves in the hands of the French autorities
whom detained all of them in concentration camps along the beaches of the mediterranean sea, where today the common of the french people taken
their hollidays. From these camps, between 1940 and 1944, the men were dispatch by the french autorities to the nazis camps. Many of them escaped
and began a resistance movement against the fascime, which full credit will be taken by the french few years later, before the "Liberation" .

The women and children will suffer the hanger, cold, illness, and the rage of the sea, which regularly will take in its wawes houndred of them, and finally
in 1944, wanting get read of the track of these camps, the French autorities sended back to spain, in cattle trains the women and children left.

Today, a catalan film maker, Felip Solé, decided to recreatre the scene of this "infamous history". with a low budget and on purpose he hasked the sons,
daughters and grand sons of these refugee to participate in this document.

Many of them came, my sister was there to represent our familly.

She just told my on the phone that: "... it was a tremendous experience, caught in the cold and snow during the filming, at the end none of us
could speak, roma or non roma we just fall in the arms of each others and cried...".

Lolo Del Carders

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