Wednesday, March 11, 2009


An advocacy group, the Kosovo Medical Emergency Group (KMEG) has been working to highlight the appalling neglect of Roma, Ashkali and "Egyptian" internally displaced persons (IDPs) in Kosovo.

We will shortly be releasing a highly-researched Dossier of Evidence concerning the long-term ill-treatment of the occupants of IDP camps placed on toxic land by United Nations agencies, and abandoned for many years, while their children absorbed extremely high levels of lead and other dangerous heavy metals, attacking their vital organs. In spite of numerous calls to close the camps and treat the families for their high level of poisoning, some camps remain and the families left untreated after almost ten years. To date, 80 deaths have been recorded from the camps.

The Dossier will accompany a Call to Key International Decision-Makers to conduct an Immediate Emergency Evacuation to a developed western country and Proper Medical Treatment for the approximately 150 families. It includes a Statement of the Wishes of the Families, signed by their camp leaders.

What makes these families' situation UNIQUE is that they are victims of an ethnic cleansing in Kosovo, after NATO intervention, during which NATO forces stood by at the scene without taking action to prevent it. Their subsequent poisoning and severe health problems were caused directly by the actions of United Nations agencies who knowingly placed them in camps on the most highly toxic land in the whole of former Yugloslavia, comprising heavily contaminated industrial waste from the former TrepĨa lead mines.

We are writing to you in ensuring that this receives the greatest possible media attention.
A copy of the Dossier will be made available at the appropriate time on our website. WITH YOUR HELP, WE WILL SAVE THESE CHILDREN IN KOSOVO.
With best regards,
Bernard Sullivan


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