Wednesday, January 28, 2009


UN Today Guilty of Denying Romani Holocaust

We are enraged by the exclusion of Roma from the UN Holocaust Memorial Day, this is regardless of the mercyless slaughter of Romani in the genocide of Second World War. This is an effective denial of history and another example of the refusal to acknowledge the suffering of Romani from an institution charged with its protection.

This compounds arguments that the UN is inept to operate on the behalf of the world and is afraid to commemorate history, for fear that it will offend and become unable to deal with bigoted voices opposing such a memorial. The members of the UN have not accepted their own Romani populations and so consider us to be a nation less people. Why must we constantly seek recognition and basic human rights?

We are an international presence and our voice can not be suppressed again, after 60 years of abandonment and relentless persecution in we are once again condemned to an undocumented history. Requests as to how such a ceremony can be considered a Holocaust memorial if it is not all encompassing were met with silence. The blatant denial of requests for information proves that racism is endemic in the UN and is responsible a massive international failing.

The UN can not claim to be a force for social progress if through its actions is complicit in global intolerance and permits the continued persecution in every nation, from bias in judicial systems to the casual disregard for basic human rights of Romani. It can not be considered ‘An Authentic Basis for Hope: Holocaust Remembrance and Education’, rather an affirmation of our continued segregation and slow eradication.

Ivan Vesely

Dzeno Association

Sdruzeni Dzeno
V Tunich 11
120 00 Praha 2
Czech Republic

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