Monday, January 12, 2009


Jerusalem 10 January 2009

Dear Friends,

After our letter informing about the situation in Gaza we received many voices of support and willingness to help. I would like to ask you to support our action, and make lives of Gypsies in the Holy Land easier.

Our organization would like to provide the most needy members of Domari community from the West Bank, but also Gaza with food boxes. Lack of food and poverty are one of the biggest problems for our society, and they require an immediate solution. As many as 1000 families need our help, and the estimated cost of one box amounts 200 NIS (equal to 40 Euro or 50 USD). Each box will contain rice, sugar, tea, milk, flour, vegetable cans and other necessary items. For traditionally big Gypsy families (often having as many as 6 children) that kind of help will be of big significance.

We also are in touch with charitable organizations who are able to transport food, clothes or blankets to Gypsy families in the Gaza Strip.

Your contribution can be sent via PayPal to Mr Valery Novoselsky, founder of Roma Virtual Network, our brother and supporter.

PayPal account:

We will be extremely thankful for any kind of help given to us in these difficult times. Let’s do not give up hope of witnessing peaceful days, in the same time working for making our today better.

May God bless you all

Amoun Sleem

Domari Society of Jerusalem
P.O. 51488 Jerusalem (Al Quds)
GSM: +972 (0)54 2066210

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