Saturday, January 17, 2009


Gitane Restaurant: Release the Gypsy in your Soul!

The following is an on-line ad for a new restaurant.

I am so sick of racist/romantic stereotypes used to sell products. I wonder how many Gypsies are going to profit from this new "boutique".

"Claude Lane is becoming the new Beldan Alley for boutique style cafes in the Financial District or FiDi to some of us... The latest addition is called Gitane or Gypsy in English. Gypsies are known for their bright colors in dress and in their music, art and food. Exec. Chef Lisa Eyherabide brings an eclectic melange of dishes popular in Turkey, France, Portugal and the Basque region of Spain.
Prices are reasonable and the drinks list as exotic as gypsies."

What exactly does exotic mean?
Being cold and hungry, living in poverty, forced to live on abandoned lead mines, beaten by right wing military groups, sterilized against your will, fingerprinted by the government, burned out of your houses, denied your humanity...?

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