Tuesday, October 16, 2012


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This is a great message from Rosie Perez.
I just visited the site and it lands on a new video.  But just scroll down and you get choices and can still play the excellent message from Rosie Perez.

Mitt Romney thinks he knows what’s holding him back: If only he had been born to Latino parents, he’d have this election locked up.

Yes, he actually said that.

Please -- not only is Mitt's idea of a joke not funny, it’s crazy out of touch.

Watch my new video on Actually.org and share the truth about Mitt's joke with your friends and family.

American Bridge 21st Century
Mitt's charmed life shouldn’t disqualify him from running for office. But only Mitt would joke that being Latino in America is just another leg up. Actually.org wants voters to know the truth about Mitt Romney before Election Day. So I hope you'll help spread the word -- and fast.

Watch my Actually.org video and send it to your friends and family -- heck, just send it to everyone:



Rosie Perez


Casimire said...

I'm one of the 47% and darned proud of it.

Morgan said...

Oh Casimire thank you so much for this comment.
I'M ALSO ONE OF THE 47% AND PROUD ALSO. and I might add, proud to be in your company.
I'm also a woman NOT in a binder.

I've been so depressed by all the spam we receive as comments. They are so insulting, like a sale on designer handbags posted on an entry on the Porraimos.

You are a good one and I do so appreciate your input.
Thank you my friend,