Tuesday, October 23, 2012


I felt compelled to post this in order to show how insulting 'dressing up like a Gypsy' is.  What a perpetuation of gross stereotypes.   And a special thanks to my BFGW.


This is especially interesting in comparison with the previous post on the students project WE'RE A CULTURE, NOT A COSTUME.

Gypsy Costumes Popular At Yandy.com this Halloween


Big, fat, gypsy costumes are a hit this Halloween at Yandy.com.

The popularity of gypsy costumes this Halloween season at Yandy.com, online retailer of sexy Halloween costumes, has risen in popularity since years past due, in part, to new popular TV shows featuring the traveling beauties.
Yandy.com offers customers an array of sexy gypsy costumes for shoppers to peruse. Although Yandy's version is not necessarily true to modern day gypsies, they are colorful and fun and nod to gypsies of the past. Some of the most popular gypsy costumes at Yandy.com this Halloween are the Gypsy Halloween Costume which features a cropped peasant top with satin ribbon trim, long skirt with a high side slit and gypsy head scarf and the Mystic Gypsy Costume which includes a lace-up dress with an uneven skirt, head scarf, belt and tarot cards.
There is not only a wide variety of gypsy costumes to choose from but they are available at prices that will not break the budget. Starting as low as $34.97 up to $122.95 for deluxe versions, Yandy.com offers gypsy costumes in every price range.
At Yandy.com, customers not only have so many options when shopping for sexy gypsy costumes to choose from but they also receive additional incentives for shopping like free, flat rate shipping on orders over $70 as well as a free panty with every order.

Check out http://www.yandy.com/Gypsy-Costumes.php
to see what these people call Gypsy costumes.

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I just added this feed to my bookmarks. I have to say, I very much enjoy reading your blogs. Thanks!