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Hi there

My name is Sylvia and I am working on a new TV show called 'My Teenage
Wedding'. I found you through googling Romani churches, music and community.
Our new hit TV show is airing on SLICE (network in Canada). We are casting
teen couples (AGE 19 OR UNDER) who are engaged and planning on getting
married within the next 6 months. This is a very difficult casting and we are
open to couples from all over Canada and US. If selected, they will receive
$4,000.00 towards their wedding costs. There is also a finder's fee of $250
for anyone who refers a couple to us, providing if they are selected to be
on the show.

Do you think you can help us out? Perhaps you know of some Romani teen
couples who are planning on getting married soon? Would it be possible for you
to help spread the word within your community?

Here is the casting notice below:

Thank you and please let me know if this is possible.



Dear Ms. Lee,

Why not have a reality TV show about Roma doctors, lawyers, professors,
athletes and architects? Oh that's right this cast of professionals would not
bring in such high TV ratings and the subsequent advertising dollars.
Please stop promoting such stereotypical "junk" all it does is reinforce
negativity about the Roma throughout the world.

Can't "you" TV producers ever
think of an original idea that is not based on stereotypes?

I will only be telling people throughout Canada to boycott this reality TV show.

Thank you,
Yale Strom

Thank you for your email, but I respectfully decline. Neither our organization,
nor myself, is interested in propagating negative stereotypes and
misinformation about Romani people.

In fact, we are currently supporting a petition and letter writing campaign to encourage TLC and National Geographic to remove My Big Fat Gyspy Wedding from its programming.

This show is a HUGE insult to all of us Roma.

Moreover, I will discourage any Canadian Roma organization or individual
from collaborating on a Canadian version of this trashy, sensationalist, and
racist show that neglects the true reality of what conditions 15,000,000
Roma have to endure in Europe.

Why don't you consider a reality show that documents the systemic human rights abuses of our Roma community? We have thousands of Roma asylum seekers in Canada that we could help arrange
interviews with, if you are interested.

Kind regards,

Gina Csanyi-Robah
Executive Director
Roma Community Centre


The Roma Community centre is committed to Celebrating Romani Culture,
Promoting Human Rights through Public Education and Advocacy, Providing
Education through Community Developing Initiatives, and Cultivating Community

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