Thursday, August 30, 2012


Anti-Roma Measures in Italy

BY  EveryOne Group

Rome, August 30, 2012.

Hundreds of local authorities in Italy have adopted anti-Roma measures which explicitly prohibit the parking and unloading of waste by camper vans, caravans and vehicles equipped with living quarters on municipal land.

In the case of violation, the regulations foresee the forced removal of vehicles at the expense of the owners, as well as heavy fines.

Anti-Roma measures are forcing many families to live a perpetual odyssey, always in search of place to stop. These discriminatory measures go against the legislation of the United Nations and the European Union, who have adopted resolutions and recommendations to ensure travelling families a right to social protection and permission to settle in a municipality.

Several sentences issued by the European Court of Human Rights sanction the right of travelling communities (both by their own choice or due to reasons beyond their control, it makes no difference) to settle for a certain period of the year in order to allow their children to attend school.

It is very important, also, to remember that all people evicted from their makeshift shelters have an inalienable right to a home, social protection and health care, a right that a sudden eviction cancels out in violation of national laws and the international charters on human rights.

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