Friday, July 6, 2012


France’s Roma breathe easier after Sarkozy

Few groups were happier to see the arrival of Socialist Francois Hollande than France’s Roma community.

During Sarkozy’s final two years in office, hundreds of Roma camps were destroyed and thousands were deported solely for their ethnic identity. France’s international image was degraded as parallels with Nazi policies were fairly made.

Despite composing between 2 to 3 percent of the European Union, no group faces more barriers than the Roma. But a new resolution aims to tear down French laws which prevent their integration.

As the senator of an often-poor Parisian suburb, Madame Archimbaud knows first-hand the desperate conditions Romas face.

In recent years, no West European country has abused their Roma more than France, but Sarkozy’s departure should mean a break from serving as political scapegoats.

While France is a first-world country their Roma live in positively third-world conditions, often lacking electricity, running water, even a primary education. After a disastrous five years under Sarkozy it’s about time France start treating their Roma like citizens instead of criminals.
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