Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Help us fight against the National Geographic TV show American Gypsies, TLC's My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding and other programs that cause Romanies actual harm, pain and suffering.

These shows do not represent even a small fraction of the total Romani (Gypsy) population. It represents only a few outrageous and controversial individuals in a way that is SCRIPTED to exaggerate a romanticized "mafia" image for ratings and profit. The producers and networks make no honest attempt to educate the public about the very deep and diverse Romani culture.

This is especially damaging as National Geographic has a reputation for being a respected and scientifically accurate organization. People believe what they see on National Geographic is the truth.

Romanies left India 1000 years ago to flee war and persecution due to Islamic expansion. We are a distinct ethnicity spread throughout the entire world.

We face discrimination in education, in hiring, in housing, in healthcare. It is a matter of historical fact that we have been enslaved, forcibly sterilized, forcibly deported and subjected to genocide throughout our entire history.

In all this time and throughout all of this abuse, Romanies have never had an army. We have never raised arms against our neighbors. We have never marched down a hill and killed families because we wanted to take their land or resources.

Shows like American Gypsies are far more damaging than meets the eye. Propaganda was the tool Nazis used to dehumanize Romanies and Jews in World War II. These new shows are dehumanizing us again.

Hitler had movies and radio shows made to mock and demonize Romanies and Jews. This negative media was so effective in brainwashing ordinary people that upstanding citizens became eager to accept and even take part in the horrors of the holocaust.

Well over one million Romanies were murdered like animals because they were made to look like animals.

This is more than an argument about the exercise of free speech. Shows like American Gypsies perpetuate hate, resentment and inaccurate racial stereotypes on the biggest stage in the world. This causes real and demonstratable damage for which the show producers and networks must be held liable.

Millions of people see these shows every week. Romanies are suffering while supposedly "educational" networks like TLC and National Geographic rake in profits pedaling scripted and sensationalized tabloid garbage.

We as a Race have tried to move forward with the times but continue to face road blocks. Many Romanies are in fact integrated, educated and have regular jobs such as nurses, cop, teachers, scientist, doctors, lawyers ect. You may even know a Romani.

Shows such as these are extremely dangerous for us. Any Romanies who are integrated and still maintain their culture could loss their jobs because they will be associated with the people depicted in this show.

Would you hire a Gypsy? Would you still hire a Gypsy if the only representation you had seen was that which is being presented by National Geographic?

National Geographic, TLC and the producers of these shows have neglected to offer any sincere explanation to the viewing public as to what factors may have caused these particular Romanies to become what they are. More importantly, they neglect to sincerely disclose that the Romanies depicted in this show represent less than 1% of Romanies worldwide.

Most importantly, National Geographic is demonizing Romanies.
Through negative, inaccurate and irresponsible portrayals in mass media.
This is causing actual and demonstrable harm for which these shows, their producers and the networks who show them must be held accountable.



Anonymous said...

I am a Gypsy and am very impressed with your article,and with the inteligence with which is was written.I feel confident that with people like you leading us we will move forward as a people,please keep up the good work

Anonymous said...

This is about one family not all families. It touches on the traditions of the Gypsy. I am not Gypsy and I get that this show does not apply to all gypsies. Just like not all shows about blacks apply to all blacks, or all shows about Mexicans applies to all Mexicans or Chinese and so forth.

Morgan said...

Thanks for the feedback.

And yes it is true, as you state,"... not all shows about Gypsies apply to all Gypsies...Blacks...Mexicans...".

And that is what makes them so insidious.

Exploiting stereotypes, especially for profit, is reprehensible.