Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Monday, I had the privledge of visiting at Pinehurst School in Seattle WA, (formerly know as Alternative School #1).

This was my second visit to the school to talk  about Romani people, the Porrajmos.....
I was totally impressed on my first visit, but this time I was blown away.

The students were totally involved, attentive and supportive.  The questions they asked were incredible coming from those so young.

One of the 2nd grade students chimed in on a discussion about immigration with an amazing analysis of hostility toward and attacks on immigrants.

Another student not only knew who Angela Davis is, but had recently written an excellent paper on her and Bobby Seale.  Be still my heart.

The teachers had prepared the students for my visit by familiarizing them with information about the Romani and the Holocaust.

I learned so much on Monday.  I thank the students and staff of Pinehurst School for affording me such a wonderful opportunity to share ideas with them.

It's amazing to me that teachers get so much disrespect in this present social climate.  Seems we want to blame teachers for all the economic ills.
To me they are the unsung heros of our time.  They are grossly underfunded in their work, underpaid, under supported, and under respected.

If anyone has the slightest doubt of why teachers should be valued and cherished I urge them to pay a visit to Pinehurst School.
Just have a conversation with any of the students.

Five minutes in this vibrant school will change your opinion pretty quickly.

Pinehurst School, students, teachers and staff,
Nais tukai
I thank you.


Anonymous said...

As a parent of two AS#1 turned Pinehurst students, I could not agree more! Thank you for visiting, and noticing!

Morgan said...

Thanks for your message.

I just can't say enough good things about my experiences with Pinehurst School.

I have such admiration for the dedication of all involved.

I wish everyone would visit.