Monday, September 5, 2011


The date for the £ 18 million pound eviction of Dale Farm, a former scrapyard which is now home to 90 families, has been revealed to be Monday 19th September. The date was leaked to the local newspaper by a council source.

Dale farm residents are calling on supporters to come to Dale Farm to help them stop the eviction. They are also calling for legal observers and human rights monitors to come down to act as witnesses. Dale Farm is only a half hour by train from London Liverpool Street Station.

The council has threatened to close roads around Dale Farm in advance of the eviction, so it is recommended that people come as many days before the eviction as possible. Also, there is plenty of work needed to prepare in advance. Sleeping space in homes are available, but please bring a tent if you can as we expect bed space to be limited to those in need. People are welcome at Dale Farm any time.

See for details.

Please forward this callout widely, and promote our facebook event through social networking sites.

We also highly recommend people sign up for text alerts
and our email bulletin
as we can't trust the council to not send bailiffs in before the given date.

On 19th September Basildon Council and the coalition government who are financing this will face a moral challenge to explain to thousands of people and the world's assembled media why they are choosing to make over 100 children homeless and remove them from their schools. The UN has called on the government to suspend the "immature and unwise" eviction, saying it would "disproportionately affect the lives of the Gypsy and Traveller families, particularly women, children and older people". The eviction has been condemned by a broad coalition of groups, including Amnesty International, trade-unionists, and anti-racism groups.

See you there!

For more information, visit


The Gypsy Council ask the world to help Dale Farm.
In 11 Languages - A plea for help and support for the residents of Dale Farm.

With the date for eviction set as
the 19th September 2011 the count down has begun for the most expensive eviction in UK history.

The bailiffs are waiting for their financial windfall of millions, which they will earn by evicting homeless people from their own land.

The police have also ear marked £10 million much of which will be used for over time payments for their officers.

Construction companies and engineers are also licking their lips at the thought of the massive bonuses about to come their way as the demolition and reinstatement of the land takes place.

With so much money about to flow into the pockets of the local government contractors and police, is there any chance of Basildon Council making a balanced decision and looking again at what the World is telling them is blatantly wrong?

The International
Alliance of Inhabitants, colleagues from the World Social Forum and Amnesty International are helping together with many other groups.

Support the United Nations call to delay UK evictions.

We have about 5 days from today Sunday 4 September 2011.
We need at least 5,000 signatures quickly, to get a debate on important issues.

Please distribute widely


Mangastumen shukar te semnon cadea Petitia, vasho Rroma da anda England.

O O guverno de anda England camel te shuden len avri de anda lengo than cathar e Dale Farm.

So trubun te caran tumen , amen o saste!

Te semnon cade Petitia ,den click po linko ,hai semnosar ,na trubul te pokinas khanci.

Ec semnatura caral ec bari diferenta.

Nais tumenge Rromale.


Dear all,

There will be a legal observer training session for those intending to be legal monitors at Dale farm and who have not already received training-which will be provided in London this Tuesday night in central london from 7-8.30pm. Please email in advance if you intend coming to Tuesday's session so that we can have an idea of numbers and so that I can confirm the venue to you. The legal monitors training pack will be available online from the Dale Farm website from Monday.

In addition, I am also urgently seeking an additional 5 individuals who will be able to to act as points of contact/shift leaders for legal monitors on site during the eviction. All this entails, is ensuring that all legal monitors are briefed and preped before beginning a shift, distributing vests/notebooks and ensuring these are collected at the end of a shift. Additionally, if anyone is an experienced legal observer and can assist with providing onsite or London based training sessions in the coming days that would be wonderful- please get in touch asap. If you are happy to act as either a legal monitoring shift leader or assist with training, I can give you a briefing on Tuesday night after the main legal monitoring session.

Many Thanks,

Mairead Moore

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