Monday, August 30, 2010


FROM THE EDMONTON JOURNAL                       Man charged with French Gypsy murder Postmedia NewsAugust 30, 2010

French police pressed murder charges Sunday against a man arrested for the stabbing of a 15-year-old Gypsy, an incident that comes amid a government crackdown on travelling minorities.

The 33-year-old Frenchman, who is unemployed and lives with his mother, was arrested on Sunday after the incident in the southern city of Beziers, which took place on Friday evening.

The youth, who is from the French Gypsy community, died of stab wounds in a local hospital.

The local Gypsy community plans to hold a silent march in the city this morning.

French President Nicolas Sarkozy has launched a high-profile crackdown on travelling minorities. Several hundred Roma Gypsies living illegally in France have been expelled.

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Anonymous said...

We aren-t crows
We don-t live in tents
We make efforts to elevate ourselves
and we don-t sing in Vienna at an accordion
We don-t beg with our handicape exposed
to make a fortune
and we don-t guess your future
in mizerable cottages
we don-t wear flowered dresses
and don-t pick pockets
we don-t go to Sweden with 7 kids
to get social support
You blame us from Berlin to Pamplona
i almost puke eat my dick
you won-t find one romanian it the caravans at Rome
We freeze in classrooms since we-re 6 ot 7
6-7 hours a day
without heat, food or money
we have poor parents at home
and one thing-s for sure:
we cultivate our hope to be successful on our own
We contront with new laws given by assholes
they dance with us the fucked up Waltz
that is one step forward , two steps back
I piss on gays and it ain-t normal
for my kids to see homosexuals that kiss themselves
explicitly on the streets
It-s trendy to be tolerant but we won-t revive Sodoma
we can-t send our fuckers packaged to Barcelona
we are the poorer relative so we can-t be brothers
Message for Europe:
We don-t have 7 brothers at home
Mom really isn-t sick
dad quickly drank his caffee and went to work in a hurry
We study at universities
and spend our last dime on books
we won-t ever be garbagemen at Amsterdam
We speak 3 languages and we can fly your planes
but we can-t, for fuck sake socialize with garbage cans
We force locked doors we live with forbidden dreams
and work legaly a full year for a hand of coins
Keep this in minde, quickly, belive us! we din-t eat swans
we respect ourselves and we solve our problems on our own
Whores and bitches in Madrid fill your gangs
We romanians wait in a queue to fill the theatres
We vote in puke , that-s true and the country is down
cuz-it-s cheaper to pay cash when you-re buying a ruin
The funds from EU dissappear in mansions
in inexistant streets and useless technologies
If we gave relations, you sausages pardon .. i mean broathers
we can ask for spicy details in "The forest of the Hanged"