Saturday, December 5, 2009


Recently Barack Obama spoke at a town hall meeting in Allentown PA.
Addressing health care, Obama said, "All we're trying to do is make sure that if you're buying health insurance on the private marketplace that you're not getting gouged, and gypped, by the insurance companies."

What was that? Almost everyone who knows anything about the reality of Roma/Sinti knows that the term 'gypped' comes directly from the stereotype of Gypsy as thief

The persecution against Roma/Sinti is escalating worldwide. In the United States the media rarely reports anything about Gypsies unless it is negative (or about music. Funny how people despise us yet LOVE our music). Obama's remarks directly and emphatically reinforced the negative stereotype of the Romani people.

Barack Obama has my head spinning.

Hilary Clinton mentioned the plight of Roma/Sinti in a major speech and a few weeks later the president uses a hurtful stereotype against us.

He's escalating the "war" in Afghanistan.

He's done nothing to improve immigration policies.

He's done nothing about civil rights of Gays and Lesbians.

Rendition, and torture continue.

The "health care" debate is a sham. Obama is willing to compromise on the right of a woman to control her own body.

Corporations are bailed out and the poor people continue to suffer.

Obama has been giving lip service to the whole lot of us. In the case of Roma/Sinti, his words are venomous.

And the beat goes on.......


Ari said...

I had to delete that last comment, my apologies.

It was inappropriate.

I shall leave the following in its place: I am not pleased by this.

thailandchani said...

I was shocked by Obama's mindless comment. It's interesting how so many of these terms are used without any consideration of the origins.


Morgan said...

I totally agree with you Ari.

We are responsible for the words we use. They reflect and reinforce personal and cultural values.

The insult to the Roma/Sinti and the perpetuation of negative stereotypes by the president of the United States is unexcusable.

Ari said...

I wrote a blog in which I tried to explain with as much neutrality as possible my opinion on this and why it is so bad. Please visit my blog if you are interested (A Rromani's Ramblings)... link down a bit on my profile.

It took me awhile to regain my temper after this. Last night I was too busy cussing to write. I fear that I am stereotypical of our people in this: a hot temper.

To Lola Diklo, if it was inappropriate for me to say this about my blog, please take my apologies and delete this message.

Morgan said...

Yes, I could not agree with you more. I am so disappointed in Obama. I rarely trust any politicans, but I did have hope.

Morgan said...

Ari, your comments are totally appropriate and I welcome your messages.
Of course, I also am hot tempered especially about these issues which dehumanize us.
All the pain Roma/Sinti in Europe are going through and yet it seems few people care.
I am going to your blog shortly. Thanks for the address.

Morgan said...

Ari, I just visited your blog. It's great.
The article on Obama was right on target.
I encourage everyone to visit your blog.


Ari said...

Nais tuke Morgan.

I continue to be befuddled and shocked by this. Since I have posted a few since then, I am risking imposition by posting a direct link to my writing about Obama:

... and a poem I devoted to him:

I am so sickened with worry over our folki in Europe, thinking of my family. I am so angry that certain current events get such help while we are left to die like ignored, insignificant dogs... so what else is new.

Obama is just another in the long line of ignoring us.

I am so upset about Europe that I cannot write anymore in my blog. I need to write about more of what is happening there but, not only is it my people, it is my familiya and the stress from it is harming me.