Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Final Boundaries of Racism


It is about time to make efforts for seriously and most responsibly to find answers for the series of murders of Roma in Hungary (the last murder took place on the third of August in the village Kisleta in Eastern Hungary ) because we consider that you have remained silent long enough.

Why are Roma being murdered?

Why the guilty ones have not been brought to justice?

Will you stop with your declarative statements?

When will we see your urgent actions for protection and justice?

According to your positions, the professionalism of your work and financial incomes you have responsibility towards the citizens of Europe and Roma most of all to answer these questions.

Respected citizens of Europe , Roma and non Roma

All of you can help for protection of the Roma population in Hungary and in Europe if in your own way look for answers from the authorities for all murdered Roma. React, write and send letters!!!

Asmet Elezovski

Spokesmen of Romna National Congress
Manager National Roma Centrum
Delegate European Roma and Travellers Forum

Tel./fax: +389 314 27 558


Done Bozinov 11/5. 1300 Kumanovo. Macedonia.

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