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Polish kids learn maths by counting smelly Germans and Gypsies

Polish education officials are in hot water again - this time for a nursery rhyme book that helps children to count with rhymes that say Germans smell and Gypsies sell children.

And they have refused to apologise for the book or withdraw it - saying those that have complained should not be so sensitive.

The book follows the release earlier this year of a maths book that asks kids to work out an equation for saving as many Christians from a sinking ship as possible - while drowning as many Turks as they can - and before that a Sunday school brochure with a pic of a black child and the words: "It's a shame prayer doesn't whiten skin as well."

In the latest scandal the book of children's counting rhymes called "Entliczek, pentliczek - the best Polish rhymes" by author Joanna Furgalinska includes phrases like "One, two, three...all Germans smell of wee" or "Where are going Gypsy, one, two, three, I'm going to the market to sell some kids".

In another story in the officially backed book authorised for use in schools, a naked Jew with no money is thrown out on the street.

The author Joanna Furgalinska defended the work saying: "The content comes from old historical Polish rhymes, let's not get carried away by the over-zealous politically correct brigade.

"There is not the tiniest jot of anything offensive in this book. As soon as the PC brigade see the word Jew they instantly start shouting about anti-semitism but there is not a shred of evidence to back it up."

Poland's Chief Rabbi Michael Schudrich said: "When I read it, I was just sad. I do not know whether it is anti-Semitism, but it's certainly a lack of sensitivity."

Polish mum Anna Kurczowska-Ossolinski who bought the book for her children said: "I want to teach my sons how to be tolerant towards others. If I had given them this book they would have learnt many bad things. I am sure that this book should not be given to small children."

Meanwhile child psychologists have slammed the book.

Child psychologist Malgorzaty Ohme added: "This sort of book destroys all the work of child educators. Words help create a child's view of the world, so kids will accept it all literally."

From Austrian Times

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