Wednesday, June 17, 2009


FROM romaloloro

Pogroms in Italy, "final solution" proposed in electoral campaign in Czech Republic, Rromani children placed in schools for mentally handicapped across Central and Eastern Europe, ripped tents in France, where the Rromani families are thrown on the street, now the turn of Northern Ireland, where recently, extremist groups are targeting Rromani families originating from Romania.

Where is Europe going to? Adolf Hitler had a European project. In the immediate aftermath of World War II European states launched the European Union precisely to prevent the return of this project. There is still time to avoid this.

The Voice of Roma called the European institutions to rapidly adopt the Frame-Statute of Rromani people in the European Union, as proposed by the Rromani Activists’ Network on Legal and Policy issues (RANELPI)*. The immediate adoption of this Frame-Statute that has been endorsed by the Presidency of International Rromani Union (NGO with consultative status within UNO) and implementation of this Frame-Statute is now an emergency.

* The Frame-Statute proposal is available online in English, French, Hungarian, Italian, Polish and Romanian on the website

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