Saturday, October 11, 2008


As the economy worsens around the world so does the oppression of the Rroma, and immigrants in general. The need for scapegoats increases exponentially in hard times. Talk about blaming the victim. In this economically harsh time, the US Government just opened a new,expensive, hi-fi border control office

Today on KUOW, the Seattle NPR station, one of the emcees talked about Gypsy music and how it released her inner Gypsy. I'm so sick of that kind of trivialization. Of all people, someone employed in broadcasting needs to know better. Despite the romantic images, the truth is that if she were Gypsy, chances are she'd be experiencing prejudice and oppression. She wouldn't be welcome anywhere and her camp would be burned down. She'd have no work.
I just got a letter from a 51 year old man who has been alienated from his culture (Rroma) his whole life because of the oppression his parents and grandparents experienced. This is such a familiar story for Rrom. Pretend you are something else. It's safer. Wonder how that fits in with releasing his "inner Gypsy". His parents and grandparents were chased all over Europe because of their "Gypsiness".

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