Thursday, October 16, 2008


So, I think the big news out of the last debate was John McCain's accusing ACORN of destroying the fabric of American Democracy. Wow. The unceasing attack on community organizers. I worked with ACORN in the 1970's in Denver and even then they were doing good, hard work trying to get affordable living for everyone.
ACORN is being accused of everything from voter fraud to causing the financial collapse of capitalism in the US.
When it comes to voter fraud the Republicans set the bar. Wish Obama had mentioned Florida or Ohio in the last two presidential elections.

Mounted police attacked anti war protesters, many of them Iraq veterans, last night outside the debate at Hofstra University. There are pictures on the Internet of battered demonstrators laying at the feet of baton wielding police. About 20 protesters were arrested. Let's talk about the fabric of democracy. What happened to the first amendment.

Speaking of protests, on Oct. 16, 1859, abolitionist John Brown led the failed raid on Harper's Ferry. He was subsequently hanged.

I read a good article from Alaska Radio on Sarah Palin and Native Alaskan rights. She has launched attacks against Native People's right to subsistence hunting and fishing rights, tribal sovereignty and indigenous languages.
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