Thursday, September 18, 2008


Martin Sobell, who was tried and convicted of espionage with the Rosenbergs in 1953, has recently admitted that he was a spy, but he only worked with Julius Rosenberg and the Greenglasses, Ethel's brother and sister in law. This admission bolstered the long held theory that while Julius did send information to the Soviet Union (who were our allies at the time), Ethel was completely innocent.
Even prosecuting Ethel, the mother of two small children was indicted as a ploy to get Julius to confess. Ethel, however, called their bluff and refused to testify against her husband. In 1953 she was electrocuted by the United States government.
The recent release of grand jury testimony from the trial never mentioned Ethel typing the notes for Julius, which was the main allegation which led to her conviction and state sanctioned murder.

In other news, Ed Koch, the previous ultra conservative mayor of New York City has said he will vote for Obama because he is terrified by the Republican ticket. He said that Sarah Palin is totally scary, especially in how she encourages and fosters cultural strife. hi ho.

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