Monday, September 8, 2008


Astroland Park, Coney Island Brooklyn is closing for good this Saturday night. The park has been owned by the same family for over forty years.

The 3 acre site was bought by Thor Equities, a private developer. Rumor has it that condos are being planned on the prime beach fromt property. I guess the property has been wasted on the commoners all these years.

I'm really confused about Fannie Mae and Freddie Mack. I just keep thinking that if Hugo Chavez had 'taken over' an equivalent institution, the US would be calling him all sorts of unsavory names. Deja vu.

These topics do tie in together.


tova said...

the pictures of astroland break my heart!! how can they close it for condos! is the wonderwheel going, the log flume, pistachio and bannanna flavored soft serve? how could it be for some upscale condos. I thought ny was better than that - i was always glad they were so late to get mcdonalds, et. al., but now with this gone too - mega corporations are us - and now with the government buyout we have mega corporate amerika for sure. who says capitalists can't steal socialist ideas for their own capitalist gain. geez.

Morgan said...

Nothing surprises me much anymore, though lots of things break my heart. Hmmm.
Recently I was turned down from low income housing because I
Oh my