Friday, August 1, 2008


Well, we try to consider ourselves sophisticated here on Vashon Island. Sort of live and let live. But last weekend someone broke into the Jewish center and wrote hateful graffiti on the walls. I will not repeat what was written.
Local churches called for a demonstration of support for the Vashon Jewish community.
As with most things, the demonstration, which called for people to wear yellow stars of David, was problematic.
People with a history of genocide certainly don't want to wear the symbols of their oppression.
Jewish people under Nazi rule were forced to wear yellow stars of David, while Roma/Sinti were forced to wear black triangles....
I do understand the choice of the yellow Star.
During WWII, after being invaded by Germany, Dutch Jews were ordered to wear yellow stars.
Most of the non Jewish population wore them also in a show of solidarity with their Jewish compatriots.

I admit to being jarred last night at the gathered people wearing the bright yellow stars.

Today is the 64th anniversary of the annihilation of the Gypsy camp at Auschwitz. The thousands of Roma/Sinti in the camp in the evening were all murdered that night, including some of the Roma Dina Babbitt painted. Please see past posts.


tova said...

Re: Yellow stars for jews have a long history - in 1215 the Council of Lateran (Spain) ordered Jews to wear a distinctive sign, yellow Jewish badges (Yellow stood for “racial disgrace.”).

there's been a spate of hate crimes in Eugene (OR) in the last number of months - two school and a bridge with anti-Semitic, racist, homophobic, and able-ist graffiti (the right makes these connections) and white power and swatzikas, people of color being beat and rocks with racial slurs thrown threw their businesses, and last week three teenagers arrested for a spate of hate graffiti in various places in one end of town.

I wonder what's going on for this recent spate? I know things can get worse in the summers. Is it the economy provoking scapegoating, people "worried" we might have a black president or ????

great blog, Morgan! thanks!

Morgan said...

Thanks Tova. I think it definitely has to do with economic hard times. People seem to feel better if they can have a scapegoat--like immigrants.....

But I also do believe that there are those freaked out by the possiblity of a person of color in the White House.