Sunday, August 10, 2008


The man who fulfilled his dream by creating the American Black Holocaust Museum in Milwaukee died in 2006, and now the museum's existence is being threatened.
Funding has dried up since the death of James Cameron, himself a survivor of a racist attack which left his friends dead.

The museum desperately needs money to continue operation.
If you can help
will provide the information you'll need.

It would be shameful to let this museum disappear, though it seems to me that would please white America just fine. We don't want to face the truth of the genocidal policies of this country against Native and African Americans.

As a person who lost people and heritage in the Holocaust of Germany, I've become familiar with the "we didn't know", "it was so long ago, it has nothing to do with us" philosophies.
Give me a break.
We must,as a country acknowledge what was done to Native and African Americans in the name of progress in the United States.

We condemn the policies of the Nazis while refusing to accept the murderous policies of this country against Native and African Americans.

How can we talk about reparations when we will not even admit our guilt?

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