Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Out of thousands of spam messages, we receive one that found our site useful

If people are interested in our continuing the site, please leave a comment.

Spam immediately discounted.

Nais tukai

Thank you



Paulina said...

I wish you'd keep posting. I have been reading your blog for a while now and I really like it.

Morgan said...

thanks so much for this encouragement.
we're still trying to figure out how to minimize the spam we get and also work out a few technical gliches.
we will be back.
nais tukai
thanks again.
meanwhile check us out on facebook
lolodiklo:romani against racism.

Anonymous said...

morgi......tootzino free at last walking around cap hill getting my legs working again will call you tommorrow the 15th did you here the 1 about the dislestick fortune teller????

david said...

This is like a wikipedia of what our people are going trough, it's like a database, please continue posting

Morgan said...

Thank you David, Paulina and others. Your encouragement means a lot to us.

We will be back. Hopefully tomorrow or the next day.

Please continue to visit the site. Your words mean so much to us.