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'Very, very sad news to hear that Heather Ureche, a founder member of Equality, who has worked tirelessly for many decades for the rights of Roma, passed away today. Rest in peace, Heather. You and your work will not be forgotten.'

Heather Ureche was a life long advocate for the rights of Roma, and all who face discrimination and prejudice.
She will be missed.

The following is a reply she sent to an article on the website of Roger Helmer MEP

"An illegal site is an illegal site in any country Mr Helmer ; however a few points; in Europe where Roma are allowed to work they do not live in encampments, the Polish,Czech,Slovak and Hungarian Roma do not appear to be an issue?

In the UK which has an appalling record of the way it treats its own GRT communities almost none of the local authorities have fulfilled their obligations to provide an adequate number of pitches/sites as stated in the GRT needs assessment carried out at great expense two years ago.

There are still only 2 local authority transit sites in England!

The Roma Gypsy communities are treated as if they were a band of lepers bringing all kinds of terror to good God fearing people, if one excludes and marginalise an entire race of people from society one can hardly then complain that they in turn spurn that hostile society and choose their own! 

The Roma issue is one of poverty, lack of education and racism no more, no less and until Governments throughout Europe carry out thier obligations in practice as well as in theory we shall not move forward.

The situation of the GRT communities in ALL European states is one we all should be ashamed of!"

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