Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Here we go again.  Pinehurst School is under attack again.  I wrote a blog post last year and together, we saved Pinehurst (then called Seattle Alternative School #1. 
I just don't know how to tell you what a valuable school this is.  It is everything we espouse that we expect in a school: dedicated teachers and staff, at risk students who thrive in this atmosphere of respect and education.
I have spoken at Pinehurst/Alternative School #1 many times.  Each experience is richer than the one before.  The students are so totally involved and receptive to my stories about the Romani people worldwide and my own experiences as a Romani in the United States, and my experiences as a 'forgotten child'.
I received a message today from one of the teachers that told me that last week a substitute teacher used the word 'gypped' and was kindly yet emphatically, confronted by the students about the use of that word.
The following is some postings by a friend at Pinehurst.  Please support this school and send emails demanding that this effective, successful, and supportive school not be lost. 
This is the type of educational institution we should be supporting, not threatening.
It should be treated as a model, not a pariah.
As many of you already know, Pinehurst's future seems uncertain. BEX IV Levy folks have proposed that the District demolish the Pinehurst building and re-locate Jane Addams K-8 on the Pinehurst site after a $20 million makeover. This proposal does not include a plan for Pinehurst. If you'd like to support our alternative and experiential Pinehurst program, please email Board members in advance of their November 6 vote on the proposal. Viva Pinehurst!
Guys, we all need to email these people so we can convince them not to close Pinehurst. It would also help if parents did it too:

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