Friday, April 27, 2012


Trial against Malini and Picciau: tomorrow we will know the judge's verdicts

Pesaro, April 27, 2011.


Roberto Malini, Victoria Mohacsi and Dario Picciau

Dear friends,

Dario and I today were under on trial in Pesaro. The Romanian Roma community who lives in the city of the Region Marche accompanied us since before the Court, to sustain us. Marcello Zuinisi, the extraordinary human rights defender, president of the NGO "Nazione Rom" came to Florence to live with us this test.

The process was tough. However, we have had the distinct impression that the international campaign to our support, with the actions by the main Roma activists and hundreds of Roma cityzens from all over the world, has reached the magistrates. We had the feeling that, unlike in the past, the judge had not prejudiced against us.

Two witnesses described the facts, stating our correct behavior, in line with the UN Declaration on Human Rights Defenders. One of the cops that accused us, did not appear. The other agent has contradicted himself many times.

Our lawyer has been brilliant.

Despite this development, the Prosecutor has asked a prison sentence against us, even if mild. The verdict will be public tomorrow morning and we believe that the court will absolve us. Even our lawyer is convinced of that verdict.

However, we must remain on guard.

Tomorrow morning, when we know the judgment, we will publish it on the website,

on Facebook of EveryOne Group (Gruppo EveryOne) and on the Facebook of Roberto Malini.

We also will send it immediately to all our supporters, who sent us email these days.


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