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Local residents get strange alert from Fairview police about 'gypsies'


HUDSON COUNTY -- Some subscribers to the local Nixle emergency alert system got an unusual e-mail on the eve of Christmas Eve.

One resident reported getting this message:

Hi [Resident],

RESIDENT ALERT. Be careful about Gypsy activity. Be aware of strangers ringing your doorbell. Call police immediately upon encountering.

Contact Information:

Fairview Police Department


Sent by Fairview, New Jersey Police Department, 59 Anderson Ave, Fairview, NJ 07022

Clicking the link on the web only brings someone to the same information on a Nixle website.

Little other information could be found, except for a description on the North Bergen police website of certain kinds of scams conducted at houses, found at the webpage

It says to beware of burglars posing as utility workers, package deliverers, or people looking for a lost pet.

A nearly 20-year-old New York Times story explains:

AT the Living Hope Fellowship Church in Hasbrouck Heights some weeks ago, a group of French gypsies was addressing a meeting about the charismatic Christian movement, which is spreading among European gypsies. At the end of the slide presentation, the group's leader looked around the crowded room and said: 'I know that there are many gypsies in this part of the country, and I know why they are not here. They are afraid of the persecution that still goes on, even in the United States.'

There are thousands of gypsies in the state, but the vast majority carefully guard their identity...

The prejudice against gypsies, based upon the ancient stereotype of them as a nation of wandering con men, is not just in their imaginations. New Jersey statute 40:52-1K, enacted in 1917, reads, 'The governing body may make, amend, repeal and enforce ordinances to license and regulate: roving bands of nomads, commonly called gypsies.'

But is the stereotype fair today? And what prompted the Fairview police warning? If you know, comment below. Updates will be posted
This is the comment from LoloDiklo
|December 26, 2011
Of course this stereotype is unfair today, as it HAS ALWAYS BEEN.
When will we learn that no stereotypes are valid. They always present a skewered view of reality.

Any 'hit and skip' crime is called a 'gypsy crime'.
With never a moments regard to the impact of these labels on the thousands of Romani who live and contibute to this society.

To quote Eugene Hutz from Gogol Bordello, "you love our music, but you hate our guts".
Yes, we are here, we contribute, yet still we must hide.
What is the story with gadje?


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