Saturday, October 8, 2011


‘We'll save Lansdowne from proposed travellers' site’


10:00am Friday 7th October 2011
By Steven Smith

A CAMPAIGN group has been formed against a proposed travellers’ site in Bournemouth.
The land off Park Road, Lansdowne, is the only one in Bournemouth to be “shortlisted” – three others have been marked for ‘possible further investigation’.

A wooded area bordered by two main roads to the north and east and a car park to the south, it is proposed that it would house 10 transit pitches.

On Wednesday, a meeting was held in Lansdowne to discuss the plans.

Alex De Freitas held the meeting at her restaurant in Lansdowne Road.

She said: “We had a great attendance from both the business side and residents of Lansdowne.”

The group will now work under the banner of Save Lansdowne and is setting up a website and online petition. They will meet again next Wednesday at 6.30pm.

Alex added: “All the residents have offered their time and support to do campaign flyers. It’s unbelievable support.

“Everyone had a story to tell about previous experiences of travellers’ sites.

“Some people were very emotional, in tears, especially the older residents. Some had concerns that they would not be able to get to Asda through Park Road.

“Everyone’s message was the same, we’re not against the travellers, what we are against is the travellers’ site at Lansdowne, that message came across time and time again.”

But Basil Burton, chairman of the National Romani Rights Association, said protesters were showing prejudice in their attitude.

“How do they know that travellers would cause trouble?

“There are gypsy and traveller families living in my road and they cause no trouble at all.”

The site would only be available as a short-term solution as it is part of a proposed Wessex Way junction improvement.

Councils have been asked by the government to find potential travellers’ sites in their districts.
I encourage readers to go to this website to view the comments.  They are very interesting.
Also, a decision is expected on Wednesday 12 October on the evictions at Dale Farm.
And the beat goes on.

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