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Tuesday, December 21, 2010,

Protest group pledges to fight scheme to build travellers' site

MORE than 30 people have objected to plans to create a caravan site for four gypsy families in Church Broughton.

Villagers were left frustrated in November after travellers moved on to the Sutton Road site and started building work without planning permission.

South Derbyshire District Council issued a temporary stop notice, which prevented more work being carried out.

The authority also threatened to fine them up to £20,000 if they continued work before obtaining planning permission.

A retrospective application has now been submitted to the council.

It proposes to change the use of the land to a residential site for four gypsy families, with each one having two caravans.

A spokesman for the council confirmed there had been 32 letters of objection towards the plans and no letters of support.

Councillor Michael Bale, who represents the North West ward, said he would not be surprised if more letters against the proposal were sent to the authority.

He said: We've never had an application before where there is so much feeling against it.

“People are very cross about it and the protest group which has been set up against it has said it will fight all the way.

“The site itself is terrible because it is suitable for development. I’m very confident it will be refused.”

In a statement to South Derbyshire District Council, agent Philip Brown Associates said the four families were in need of a lawful site.

It said: “In the meantime they have been living on derelict land at Glossop Street, Derby.

“The city council originally attempted to get the 16 or so related families removed but were prevented from doing so by a judge who ordered they should not be removed until an alternative site has been provided.

“The site residents have been waiting for more than six years for an alternative site to be provided.”

The statement also said there were eight children living on the site who were of school age and their parents were trying to get them into primary school at Church Broughton.

The proposals will appear before the council’s planning committee on Tuesday, January 18.

Does anyone see a pattern here as far as sites for Gypsies/Travelers ?
This situation goes back to the 1960's Caravan Sites Act.  It made it illegal for Travelers to stop anywhere BUT on caravan sites.  Truth be told, few sites were ever established.

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