Saturday, January 30, 2010


I just had to reprint this article. Did any of you know that "Gypsy" Crime Squads still function in many cities in the United States?
I found two things particularly interesting in this article
**that it was deemed necessary for Florida, law inforcement and media, to label these crimes "Gypsy". Didn't "traveling" suffice?
**I just find it ludicrous to picture a group of "Gypsies" ripping off a bunch of bikers. It boggles the mind.
And the beat goes on..........


January 29, 2010

Police: Scammers target NASCAR, Bike Week fans


OCALA -- A task force has been assembled in Central Florida to take down a traveling Gypsy scam ring that targets NASCAR fans and motorcycle enthusiasts, according to authorities in a report from FLORIDA TODAY news partner WKMG Local 6.

The ring, known as the 3 Card Monte Group, has arrived in Central Florida in advance of the Daytona 500 and Bike Week, prompting the Marion County Sheriff's Office to issue a warning to residents in the area.

The group, which contains more than 15 scam artists, travels in a pack and most of them are related to each other, deputies said.

According to deputies, the group scams people by using three-card monte, a game in which the dealer shows the audience a card and then does a quick exchange between three cards to allow someone in the audience to guess which card was shown for a monetary prize. The person who chooses the card is in on the scam, making the game appear easy, deputies said.

Others are then lured into the game, where they bet money and lose, deputies said.

Members of the 3 Card Monte Group, which travel in minivans registered in Ohio and Kentucky, have also robbed participants while they play, deputies said.

Volusia and Flagler counties have assembled a task force in an effort to bring the scam artist ring down.

Marion County deputies said a man was recently robbed of $2,600 and a valuable ring at a Pilot gas station while playing three-card monte.


Anonymous said...

There have been groups of Bikers running three card monte games for years. Can't blame Roma for that one.

Morgan said...

I know. That's what makes it ludicrous. But they'll continue to blame Roma for everything and anything.

Anonymous said...

prosala... prosala

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