Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Dear friends,

We are glad to invite you to the screening of „Lashi Vita – Beautiful Life", part of our Mundi Romani documentary series held at the National Theater, Brussels on Sunday 25 October at 7:15 p.m. 2009.

LASHI VITA - Romedia Foundation / Duna Television, Hungary, 2008

Lashi Vita means „beautiful life” in the mixture of Roma language and Italian used by Italy’s Roma immigrants. This news documentary was shot in August and September 2008 in Italy, where the November 2007 murder of an Italian woman by a Roma immigrant has sparked an unprecedented wave of anti-Roma hate speech, xenophobic policies and racially motivated violence reminiscent of the darkest days in European history.
Roma journalist Katalin Bársony reports from Naples in the Italian south to northern Italy through the capital, Rome. An explosive situation in which the rule of law seems to have become irrelevant. In which freedom of information is in danger as the television crew is arrested by police in Rome. In which mutual fear seems to have taken a whole country over. This reportage shot in one of the oldest and biggest democracies in the EU raises serious questions as to the meaning of democracy and the fragile basis on which European civilization and the European Union lie.

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