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International Remembrance Day of Roma Victims of the Pharraimos (Holocaust)

This year August the 2nd will be committed to a International Remembrance Day of Roma/Sinti Victims of the Pharraimos (Holocaust).

The second of August was the Day in 1944 where more than 3000 Roma und Sinti in Auschwitz-Birkenau, have been gassed and gone through the fire.

This action day was suggested by the Roma National Congress and the International Romani Union, on a Hearing of the European Roma and Travellers Forum in the Council of Europe, in Strasbourg on June the 29th 2009. It was adopted by all participants. The Participants of the Hearing “Together against the Antiziganism in Europe” suggested

On August the 2nd at 12:00 h

To go for five minutes on the Streets, everywhere in Europe, to be seen, to pray for the murded, to lit a candle on the street,


This year the Remembrance Day will be on the abused and killed Roma and Sinti children in Europe.

Auschwitz Birkenauen – BII – Zigeuner Familienlager – Gypsy Family Concentration Camp

August the 2nd 1944

In this night 2885 – 6000 Roma and Sinti, mainly women and children where gassed. Jewish Survivours reported that the crematory burned the whole night. “It stayed bright the whole night because of the burning crematories”.

A surviving Jew said „The Women were fighting for the life of their children, even a couple of SS-people got injured by the Roma Women“. It was also a Day of rebellion, that’s sadly ended in Gas chambers and crematory.

On August 3rd, Ausschwitz – Birkenau was „Zigeunerfrei“ (Free of Gypsies)

RIP Robby und Robby

In February Robert Czorba (28) and his son Robert Czorba (4), fled their house that was set on fire by a Molotov cocktail, during fleeing the burning house, a Murder Commando dressed in Police uniform shot them dead with Shot Guns.

In the past nine month, 73 violent attacks has been reported towards Roma in Hungary, the dark figure will be much higher. It seems that the Attacks were performed by well trained Hungarian security forces.

Harassment and violence against Roma/Sinti and immigrants are on the rise throughout Europe.

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