Friday, May 1, 2009


"Beggar" - Swiss inscription on Romanian Gypsies' passports

de Radu Rizea

Vineri, 1 mai 2009

Swiss authorities launched an investigation to find out which local
official wrote the term "beggar" on the passports of several Roma ethnics,
the website informs. "It is a felony. These persons are already
persecuted in their home countries. Imagine what they might suffer upon
their return", said the president of the Messemrom association, Monica

"We are currently running an investigation in order to find out whether it
is the fault of our agents or not", said Bonfanti, adding that agents that
made such mistakes will suffer disciplinary consequences" .

Swiss electors accepted in February, following a national referendum, to
renew the right to free movement agreement with the European Union and to
expand it to Romanians and Bulgarians. 59.6% of the electors were in favor
of renewing the agreement.

The referendum campaign was marked by xenophobia accusations, after the UDC political formation used posters showing white (Swiss) and black (Roma)
sheep, as well as posters in which foreign crows attack Switzerland.

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