Tuesday, April 28, 2009

DRANCY 1944 AND 2009

France: Drancy 1944 and Drancy 2009
Rome evicted again.

(note: Drancy is a town in Paris suburb. During the Second World War, Jews were deported from the rail station of this town to death camps)

The one who does not know where he comes from, does not know where he goes. However, knowing where you are coming from, remembering the history, is it enough for improving the present and future? Four days on 22 April 2009, some 200 Rroms from Romania have been expelled manu militari from the place they were staying, in the
immediate vicinity of that station, now rightly a place of collective memory.

No consideration for Mrs. E.C, pregnant, shaken by the police and the impounder, who came to take her trailer. Having mentioned her pregnancy, she was given the reply of impounder "I don’t care, you are not pregnant from me".
No more consideration for Mrs. E.B, under dialysis care, whose caravan was
also removed. All this was done to "clean" for this commemoration. Have we forgotten the meaning of the word "clean"? If yes, this is not good for the memory’s duty we are exercising today.
Have we forgotten that in Auschwitz, Jews deported from this rail station because born Jews, met with Rroms because born Rroms ? If so, this exercise of memory loses much of its purpose.

NEVER FORGET! The dehumanization of human beings leads straight to the wall!
Signed by:
La voix des Rroms - Centre Aver contre le racisme - Centre culturel gitan - Rromani Baxt - Ternikano

Berno - Reseau solidarites roms

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