Saturday, December 13, 2008


My friend Sani Rifati, a Rom from Kosovo is the president of Voice of Roma in California. This organization is involved in many projects which raise the consciousness of people in the United States about the reality of Roma worldwide. They also sponsor many projects in Kosovo and Macedonia to help the Roma directly.

One such project is the Threads That Connect Us project, which involves Romani women from central Kosovo and Kosovo Roma refugee women in Macedonia. The women do embroidery and crocheting, making items which are then sold at Voice of Roma events in the United States. This project is one of the best income generating opportunities for Kosovo Roma women, enabling many of them to support their families.

In Feb.2008, Kosovo declared independence from Serbia. What this will mean for Roma is unknown, but no improvements have been seen so far. Voice of Roma has expanded their humanitarian work to provide additional support and opportunities for the Roma in Kosovo.

Voice of Roma raises its money through concerts, festivals and programs conducted in the United States. This year they are also asking directly for monetary support to allow them to continue and expand their activities.

You can visit them directly by clicking on the picture above.

Or mail a donation to:
Voice of Roma
PO 514
Sebastopol, CA 95473
If you mail a donation please tell Sani you heard about the fundraising through Lolo Diklo.

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